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Online Business System for Cooks Plumbing

With Cook’s Connect, a collaborative Online Business system created by Exigo Tech, Cook’s Plumbing embraced digital distribution. And what did they gain – a simplified invoicing management system, reduction in administrative costs by 40%, improved productivity and enhanced user experience.

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Mobile Fleet Management Solution for Mail Call Couriers

Mail Call Couriers saved half a million dollars in operation costs! How – with a world-class mobile Fleet management solution from Exigo Tech which enabled organisation efficiency and effectiveness in the marketplace.

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MS Dynamics 365 for AssentialCare

AssentialCare increased operational efficiency with MS Dynamics. With a strategic collaboration as AssentialCare’s technology patner, Exigo Tech delivered application and infrastructure support and enabled better communication within a global team.

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Custom Application Development for Property Management Company

Surveys made easy for Customer! Custom application development from Exigo Tech enhanced our customer’s customer service process to make it more agile and efficient.

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Custom Portal Development for Kaboodle

Kaboodle improved its customer experience with a custom portal. Exigo Tech enhanced Kaboodle’s customer interactions with an open source web-based customer portal that enabled Kaboodle to drive business and increase revenue.

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SharePoint Solutions for Parkview

Custom UI and workflows in SharePoint helped Parkview improve its online collaboration. Experts from Exigo Tech provided solutions that helped Parkview boost team productivity, increase efficiency, sustain growth and stay competitive.

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